We have wide experience with composite materials – theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Besides we are doing engineering and modelling in 3D environment for parts, assemblies, complex geometries and molds. In our projects we widely use CNC milling and cutting technologies.

For many years we are cooperating with Latvian Luge Federation in development of composite parts.

Our vision:

  • light and affordable aircraft development
  • making innovative technologies simple

Our experience:

  • projects in cooperation with Latvian Luge National Team
  • unmanned aircraft projects at Riga Technical University
  • aeromodelling
  • development of conceptual designs and prototypes
  • ultralight aircraft prototyping

Our skills:

  • development of 3D CAD models
  • CNC milling
  • mockup and prototype development
  • load calculation for composite and metal parts
  • computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • model development for molds
  • mold making
  • carbon and fiberglass composite part manufacturing
  • optimization of composite manufacturing processes

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