Covering the airframe

After the series of tests with Dacron fabric we have started the airframe covering. The estimated sequence is following – rudder, elevator, horizontal stabilizer, ailerons and flaps, vertical stabilizer, wing, cabanes. At the moment we are finishing the horizontal stabilizer; rudder and elevator are already covered. The water based EkoBond cement is quite easy to use – after applying it on the structure it is let for drying for around 15 min. The fabric can then be put on the structure and freely repositioned if needed. Afterwards a hot iron is used for reactivation of the cement. Finally another layer of the cement is applied on the bonded places.

To stretch the fabric to the required level all the surfaces are being ironed several times gradually increasing the iron temperature. To achieve a nice and uniform stretching some places need more ironing, some less.

When finished with ironing some 2-3 layers of nitrocellon are applied on the fabric, letting each layer dry for at least 24 hours.

Following pictures show the covering of the rudder: