It’s time to make some pulleys! Pulleys are used for flight control cable routing. For EC Goat cables actuate elevator and rudder controls.

Three types of pulleys are used in EC Goat:

Cheek block pulleys. This is the most used type here. It is fixed to the structure and doesn’t move. There are 8 cheek block pulleys in total located on nose and tail structures;

cad cheek block pulley

Fixed type custom pulley. There is 1 such pulley installed in rear upper part of the tail to reverse elevator cable movement at the elevator sliding tube;

cad air block pulley custom 2

Air block pulleys. They are attached to the structure with a single bolt and can rotate around it. Two such pulleys are used in front part of the nose section for elevator cable reversing. One air block pulley is used for rudder pedal link.

cad air block pulley 1

Pulleys themselves are commercial MISUMI idlers for round belts type MBFA30-1.6. Block brackets are made of AISI304 steel 1mm sheet by laser cutting and bending.